13 Best Garden Kneeler Reviews

Best Garden Kneeler

Gardening can be a fun and truly rewarding experience. But it can also be quite exhaustive. Think about the number of times you strained your back or knees just because you had to bend a lot to tend the crops. Not to mention the stubborn grass stains and dirt you incurred from time to time.

Such an experience can be really disturbing, even if you consider gardening to be your thing.

One of the easiest ways out is to invest in the best garden kneeler bench or seat.

A garden kneeler can greatly help in reducing the pain and discomfort you feel after kneeling or stooping for a long time. They are developed using soft cushioned pads that support and protect your knees and ensure your comfort while tending to your garden.

The purpose of this article is to provide the best garden kneeler reviews based on research and expert recommendations.

What to Look for in a Garden Kneeler?

Before choosing a garden kneeler, there are some key things you need to consider in order to make the right purchase. Let’s quickly breeze through them.

  • Handle

One of the most important components of a garden kneeler is the carrying handle.

A garden seat without a good handle is usually difficult to move around. So, you want to pay attention to this feature of the product before purchasing it.

In addition, make sure the handle is secure by evaluating the attachment points. You don’t want something that will get damaged after a few uses.

  • Size

Another important feature to look out for when purchasing a garden kneeler is the size.

You should go for a garden kneeler that is large enough to accommodate you, or else you may have to move the seat every time.

  • Weight Limit

In addition to size, another factor you should consider when choosing a garden kneeler is the weight limit. You want to choose a product that can comfortably support your weight. This is usually the case with bench style garden kneelers.

For kneeling pads, weight is usually not that important since the pad will be set flat on the ground.

Most garden kneeler benches and seats can conveniently support up to 136kg weight. This should be enough for most people.

  • Durability

Even though garden kneelers are generally inexpensive, the last thing you want is to purchase a unit that will wear out after a few uses. To determine the durability of a unit, there are certain things you can look out for.

One of them is the finish of the garden kneeler. You want an exterior finish that is waterproof, so the seat or pad can withstand the elements.

You should also consider the thickness of the pad as this can extend the lifespan of the product. Usually, the thicker the pad is, the better. This is also important for your comfort

In addition, try to examine the design and attachment points of the garden kneeler for weak areas.

  • Maintenance

Since you’re going to be using the garden kneeler from time to time, you will need to clean it often.

As a result, you want to select a unit that is easy to clean and maintain. Most times, you will need to wipe the pad with a wet fabric to get rid of debris, dust, and dirt.

Our Pick for the Best Garden Kneelers of 2020 – Reviewed

There are various designs and shapes of garden kneelers, which can make choosing somewhat daunting, especially for beginners.

In order to save you the trouble of sorting through numerous products, we’ve compiled a list of the best garden kneeler seat and pads in the market at the moment.

If you’re excited like we are, then let’s delve in!

1. TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat

If you desire a versatile piece you can use to make gardening more comfortable and convenient, then you cannot go wrong with this TomCare Garden Kneeler.

Although designed for gardening, this multi-purpose kneeler can also be used for fishing.

It has a foldable design that allows for easy storage. You can turn the unit into a seat or kneeler depending on what you want to do.

The stool is made of highly durable material, which includes a foam cushioning that greatly increases the comfort of the garden kneeler. You can work for long hours without worrying about back pain or injuries.

A tool bag is added for packing your garden tools. The bag is removable, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Also, the kneeler is lightweight, which makes it super easy and convenient to handle. Thanks to its foldable design, you can easily carry it around. It doesn’t require much space for storage.

The maximum weight that can be supported by the kneeler is 330.69 pounds, which is quite impressive.

Overall, this is a great product that offers great value for your money. It’s easily the best garden kneeler seat for the money.

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2. RED Home Club Thick Kneeling Pad

If you’re looking for a garden kneeler you can use for rocky or uneven surfaces, then this product from RED Home Club will make a great choice.

This is without doubts one of the best garden kneeler pads you will find in the market that is specifically designed for heavy-duty applications. It is constructed to withstand harsh treatment while providing a soft and comfortable platform.

The kneeler is made of a high-density foam material that is highly durable. It doesn’t compress even after many years of use.

Luckily, this material is 1.5-inches thick, which is adequate to ensure your comfort no matter how long you kneel. In fact, you will hardly find any other pad that is stuffed with as much material.

In addition to your comfort, the pads also provide enough space to support your knees while still being compact enough to allow for easy storage. 

Overall, we are impressed with this kneeler, especially when you consider its price. We cannot recommend it enough.

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3. SONGMICS Garden Kneeler Seat, with Upgraded Thicken Kneeling Pad

Another wonderful garden kneeler built with comfort and durability in mind is the SONGMICS Garden Kneeler. 

By merely looking at this unit, you can tell it’s designed to make gardening more fun and less tedious. It offers a number of interesting features that make it a top contender for the best garden kneeler seat or pad.

Of course, the first thing you will notice about it is its sturdy construction, which consists of a durable steel frame that provides a stable support. 

You will also be impressed by the side handrails, which make it easier to get up and sit down. With only 6.5 pounds weight, there’s no doubt this is one of the most portable kneelers out there.

Furthermore, the unit can support up to 330 pounds weight, which is quite impressive for its price.

It also has a foldable design, which allows for easy storage and transportation. 

The unit can be used both as a kneeler to carry out your gardening task or as a bench for your chores or other things.

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4. KI Store Garden Kneeling with Shock Absorbing EVA Foam

If you’re looking for a knee pad to use on rocky or uneven surfaces, then one of the best options you will find in the market is the KI Store Garden Kneeling Pad.

KI might not be the most popular brand out there, but there’s no doubt this pad is one of the best quality garden kneelers in the market. 

Right off the bat, you will notice that this unit is detachable, which makes it easy to clean. It is durable and works great on hard surfaces – thanks to its super thick high-density foam.

The removable cover is made of neoprene and coated with nylon. This makes it resistant to stains and moisture, and ensures it dries quickly when wet. With an interior layer that blocks water, there’s little to no chances of the foam swelling, in case, the seam is penetrated by water.

Thanks to the adequate cushioning provided by the memory foam, you can kneel for longer periods without feeling discomfort. 

In terms of size, this is one of the largest kneeling units you will find in the market. Notwithstanding, it can be folded or expanded depending on your needs. When folded, it reduces to a briefcase-size, which allows for easy hand carrying.

Overall, this is a wonderful kneeler that promises great support and comfort. If you have any problem with kneeling, then this is the pad for you.

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5. Ohuhu Upgraded Garden Kneeler and Seat with Thicken and Widen Soft Kneeling Pad

Gardening will always remain a beautiful activity. But there’s no denying that it often takes a toll on the body, especially when you dedicate a lot of time to it. When your knee is left in those stances for long, it is only natural for you to feel some level of discomfort. 

To reduce pain and prevent injury, one of the best solutions you will find is the Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat. 

This kneeler is designed to ensure you have the best support and comfort to your knees while tending to your crops. 

Like most premium kneelers, this unit is tough and highly durable. It is made up of a solid steel frame and thickened partition that holds up to 330 pounds weight. The kneeler and seat itself are made of top-grade EVA that is weather-proof. 

The unit also has a flip design that makes it possible to convert it from a kneeler to a chair and vice versa. This also makes it easy to carry and store the kneeler. 

There’s an ultra-soft cushion that helps to elevate the pressure on your joints so you can work comfortably for longer periods.

Overall, we have no doubt you will enjoy using this Ohuhu kneeler. It is easily the best buy garden kneeler.

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6. Abco Tech Garden Kneeler and Seat

Another impressive kneeler that is designed to make gardening less of a struggle is the one from Abco Tech.

The Abco Tech Kneeler is a fairly priced unit designed to reduce fatigue and stress often associated with gardening. It is built to provide the best support for your knees while protecting you from dirt and grass stains.

This unit consists of a sturdy metallic frame as well as handles that make it easy to get up from a kneeling position. If you weigh anything below 225 pounds, then you are free to use the kneeler as this is the specified capacity.

Interestingly, the kneeler is foldable, which makes it highly portable and allows for easy storage. You can use it both for seating and kneeling. 

Although at 6.6 pounds, it weighs a little more than an average kneeler and seat, this doesn’t mean it’s heavy.

You may need to add a small amount of cushion to the foam for greater comfort, as it tends to get a little hard after using for a long time.

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7. Gardener's Supply Company Extra Wide-Seat Folding Garden Kneeler

If you’re in the market for a garden kneeler that offers more kneeling and seating space, then you cannot go wrong with this garden kneeler offered by Gardener’s Supply Company.

It comes with almost everything you can expect to find in a standard garden kneeler and seat and is available at a price that competitors can’t beat.

With this product, you get a 30-percent wider garden seat and knee pad compared to what is offered by many similar kneelers. 

The surface of the kneeler is well-cushioned to ensure it’s gentle on your knees, so you can tend to your plants for a longer time, whether you choose to kneel or sit.

It can support up to 250 pounds of weight, which is quite adequate for most people. The kneeler itself weighs only 9 pounds. Interestingly, you can fold the kneeler from the sides for easy storage.

Note: There’re a lot of fake products out there. So, try to ensure these are really from Gardener’s Supply Company.

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8. InSassy Garden Kneeler Pad

This kneeler pad is a multi-purpose support that promises to provide all-round comfort for everyday gardeners who have a problem with kneeling. It is made of top-grade high-density foam that is designed to provide the best protection and support for your knees.

And it’s as versatile as it comes. Beyond its application as a garden kneeler, you can also use the pad for yoga, exercise, prayer, and even bathing your little pumpkin.

Unlike the Green Extra Wide Seat from the Gardener’s Supply Company, the pad is waterproof. So, you can use it under the rain and in rough places without worrying about it getting soiled.

The pad consists of high-density foam that is 1.5-inches thick, which makes it great for hard surfaces. It is light yet long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

This pad is available in four colors, so you have the option to choose the one that befits your style.

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9. Ebung Garden Kneeler and Seat

Another brand that is known for having some of the best quality garden kneelers in the market is Ebung. 

This product has been designed to work both as a kneeler and a seat for gardening activities. It comes with a lot of cushions that ensures you have a comfortable experience, whether it’s used for seating or kneeling. 

In fact, most users have reported that they were overwhelmed with the level of knee cushion it provides, especially when you consider the price. 

Like most premium options, the kneeler also features a tool pouch, which allows you to store your garden tools. This ensures you have everything you need for the job, right on the spot. 

With a weight of only 2.6kg, you will agree this is a lightweight unit. Notwithstanding, it still manages to support up to 100kg weight, thanks to its durable construction.

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10. Fiskars 885841075321 Ultra-Light Knee Pads

Finally, something a little different from your conventional garden kneeler but still with a good blend of style and functionality. 

Ever since they came on the scene, Fiskars has proven to be a reputable brand, and this is easily reflected in the quality of items they release into the market. This particular model is, without a doubt, one of their best products so far.

If you’re tired of dealing with sore knees every time you kneel in your yard for a long time, then you cannot go wrong with these kneepads.

These are moisture-proof, so they work well for both rough and wet surfaces providing adequate support and protection to your knees.

They are well padded with soft foam liner to ensure your comfort. You can adjust the straps to get a snug fit, and this applies to both small and large users.

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11. Best Choice Products Foldable Garden Kneeler and Seat

Best Choice Products is one of the leading brands in the world of garden kneelers. They are known for offering directly sourced products, which makes them a top choice for buyers looking for value and functionality. 

This Foldable Garden Kneeler and Seat is one of the best offerings from the company so far. 

A quick peek at Amazon, and a few online stores will quickly show you that this is one of the best rated garden kneeler out there. And you can easily tell why when you look at what it brings to the table.

Firstly, the kneeler has a multi-purpose design, which allows it to function as a seat and a kneeler. Furthermore, it is made of a solid steel frame, which can support up to 225 pounds of weight. And the choice of steel makes it sturdy despite its lightweight.

The use of EVA foam for the seat padding ensures great comfort to the user. Its cushion helps to reduce the pressure on your knees, so you can work for a longer period of time when crouched down.

Support side rails are provided to help you easily get up and kneel down. You will also find the supplied pouch useful for storing your garden tools and accessories.

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12. HappyPicnic Large Knee Mat-Gardening Kneeler Pad-Thick Garden Sitting or Kneeling Pad

The Large Knee Mat-Gardening Kneeler by HappyPicnic is another incredible garden kneeler that provides great support to your knees, so you can spend more time tending to your crops. Its stylish green color makes it a perfect fit for your gardening environment.

There are so many things to like about this kneeler. But we think the most important one is its large size, which makes it adequate for almost anybody. If you’ve ever been concerned about your garden kneeler not being big enough, then maybe you should check out this one.

This is a high-quality kneeler you can use for heavy-duty applications. It is made of high-density foam wrapped by a durable 600D polyester material.

We like the fact that the cover is removable through a zipper, which allows for easy washing. Moreover, there’s a built-in handle that allows to easily carry and store the tool. You can use the kneeler for both kneeling and sitting.

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13. Fitnessclub Deep Seat Garden Kneeler and Seat-Folding Garden Kneeler

Last but definitely not the least product on our list of the best garden kneelers is the Deep Seat Garden Kneeler by Fitnessclub. 

The Deep Seat is an excellent choice if you need a garden kneeler that will provide good value for your money. It might not be the most popular kneeler out there, but it’s definitely one of the best in quality and functionality.

And the first thing you will notice about the kneeler is its sturdy construction, which consists of a heavy-duty steel metal frame and handles. The addition of a powder coating also helps to increase the durability of the bench stool.

Interestingly, the kneeler supports up to 330 pounds weight, which is quite impressive. The use of foam pad cushions also helps to guarantee your comfort and ensure there’s less pressure on your knees.

You will notice the strong handles on both sides, which allows for easy transportation. Also, the kneeler is lightweight – making it even more portable.

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How We Selected the Top Product?


Before we delve in and start talking about the best garden kneeler seat or benches, let’s take a moment and see how we choose the products.

Even though we were not able to evaluate every garden kneeler in the market, we still touched a lot of them.

While we were looking out for kneelers that offered the best value for gardening, we also paid attention to units that could be translated into other uses – yoga, sleep, and others.

We also focus on the affordability of the kneelers. The products we choose are those that seemed to offer a balance between price and functionality.

Other areas we investigated are the key features, build-quality, and overall value of each garden kneeler.

In addition, we didn’t overlook reviews by users who have used the product at one time or the other.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a garden kneeler?

Ordinarily, gardening is a difficult job. It often requires you to kneel for a long time tending to your plants. This often has a resultant effect on physique and also cause back pain and muscle spasms.

One of the ways to prevent this or at least make things easier is to use a garden kneeler.

A garden kneeler is basically a tool or structure that is used to provide support to your knees in order to make gardening less strenuous. 

  • Why should I use a garden kneeler?

As indicated above, the major reason for using garden kneelers is to support your kneeling body so that you can feel more comfortable while gardening. 

Since most kneelers can be doubled as a seat, you can also sit on them. It is a lot easier to relax when gardening in a sitting position. Even though you might be working at a slower pace, you will most likely end up doing a better job.

  • How do I maintain a garden kneeler?

Garden kneelers are generally easy to clean. To clean most units, you will need a wet cloth to wipe the dirt. Then, allow it to dry in the sun.

  • Where can I purchase these products?

Click on the corresponding links to go to the product page for each garden kneeler.

Final Words

We’ve finally come to the end of our best garden kneeler reviews. 

By now, you should have found a product that fits your particular needs or situations. We have no doubt each product on the list will serve you well.

Gardening can be exhausting when you don’t have the right tools and support. 

Hopefully, you can end the bouts of pain and discomfort you frequently experience by investing in a good garden kneeler.

Let us know if you have any more questions about the best garden kneeler bench or pad, and we would be glad to help you. If you’ve used any of the products, you can also share your experience.

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