Best Leather Gardening Gloves [Top 10 Picks]


Although gardening is fun and fulfilling, it can also be dirty and stressful. Apart from kneeling and stooling for long hours, you also run the risk of hurting yourself, especially when you’re working with your bare hands.

Wearing proper gardening gloves is one of the best ways to protect your hands as you weed, dig, and tear into the earth. They will help keep your hands from getting punctured by thorns or cut by weed or any other sharp plant. 

Leather is arguably the most preferred material for making gardening gloves. And this is simply because apart from offering the best form of protection, it is highly durable and flexible.

If you’re here in search of the best leather gardening gloves, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the top 10 best products in the market right now.

What to Look for in Leather Gardening Gloves?

In order to make an informed decision when searching for the best leather gardening gloves, there are certain factors you need to put into careful consideration.

Let’s quickly look at them.

  • Material

Since this is a review of the best leather gardening gloves, it’s obvious every item on the list is made of leather. However, it’s still important to know about the other types of materials available and why leather is mostly preferred.

Leather is generally considered the best material because it offers the best protection and flexibility, which makes them most suitable for everyday use.

Other glove materials are nylon and cotton. Such gloves are best suited for light applications and delicate tasks.

There are various types of leather materials, but the most common ones that offer the best protection against thorns and sharp plants are cowhide and goatskin.

  • Gender

Depending on your sex, you can either choose a male or female gardening glove. 

But does it really matter whether you use a male or female gardening glove?

Yes, it does.

This is important for dexterity. Female gloves are generally designed for smaller hands. Using something bigger than your size will make you lose dexterity.

  • Grip

The major reason why most people don’t like using gloves is that they feel it doesn’t allow them to move their hands freely. Even though this is not true for all gloves, it’s important to choose something that has a good grip.

You want a pair of gloves that feel like a second skin. This guarantees your mobility and ensures you can handle stuff like you would with your normal hands.

Two things that largely determine the grip of a glove is its coating and whether it has a textured material.

  • Size

Another important thing to look out for when purchasing a pair of garden gloves is the size.

We recommend staying away from gloves that are one-size-fits-all. The chances are that they won’t give you a snug fit. Even if you choose such gloves, make sure they have an adjustable feature.

Generally, it’s better to choose gloves that fit correctly with your size. You can use a measuring tape to get your exact hand measurement. Most gloves have a size chart from which you can choose a suitable size.

Make sure you get a snug fit around the wrist in order to keep out debris and dirt.

  • Padding

You may not bother much about padding until you’re confronted with a heavy-duty task.

When evaluating a glove for padding, the most important parts to look at are the palm and fingers. Luckily, most gloves have padding in this area. 

You may also come across models with padded knuckles. This is important to protect you from injuries. 

However, even though the padding is required, a lot of it makes the gloves less flexible. So, keep that in mind.

Our Pick for the Best Leather Gardening Gloves – Reviewed

Finding the best leather gardening gloves can be a daunting task, especially if you’re looking for the first time. And this is largely because it involves much more than just picking a pair that appeals to you. 

While personal preference is important, there are other things you need to consider – material, budget, fit are just to mention a few. 

In order to make your decision a whole lot easier, we’ve reviewed the best gloves in the market for both male and female gardeners.

1. Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gloves for Men and Women

Even though rose pruning is therapeutic, it can also be hazardous, especially when you don’t use the right gloves. To ensure your arms and hands are well-protected, it’s imperative to invest in high-quality gloves.

One of the best options you will find in this category is the Leather Rose Pruning Gloves by Exemplary Gardens.

These gloves are made from high-quality natural goat grain material that offers the best protection against cuts and scratches. The material is completely resistant to puncture, which makes it suitable for working with sharp plants such as weed and rose thorns.

You do not only get protection for your hands but also your arms and elbows – thanks to its long cowhide gauntlet and extended split suede cuff.

The gloves also rate highly in terms of flexibility, thereby allowing you to maintain dexterity. They are safe and great for arthritic hands and gentle on sensitive skin.

It will interest you to know that these gloves contain lanolin, which helps to moisturize your hands. This is obviously one of its main advantages over most gloves in the same category, which makes it perfect for sensitive skin.

They are pliable and breathable while providing a good grip. More so, they are suitable for both men and women and are available in various size options.

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2. Bionic Women's Relief Grip Gardening Gloves, Medium (PAIR) – GW2M

If you’re looking for a pair of gloves that are built with sensitive hands in mind, then you cannot go wrong with these Relief Grip Gardening Gloves by Bionic.

These are women gloves carefully designed to meet the needs of people with sensitive skin or arthritic hands. They are built to provide maximum comfort and protection to your hands. You can easily tell this from the huge number of positive reviews they’ve received.

They are some of the best ladies leather gardening gloves available in the market.

Although these are medium size, there are other size options that you can choose from for a good fit.

Just so you know, the gloves feature a terry cloth liner, which keeps your hands cool and dry even on hot days. The inclusion of Lycra motion also helps to boost comfort and flexibility.

A Light Prene wristband is also added to provide additional support to your wrist and thumb so you can go for long hours without developing fatigue.

The glove’s fingertips are coated with silicon to improve grip and durability.

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3. Legacy Gardens Gardening Gauntlet Landscape Glove

Another wonderful pair of leather gloves that are widely lauded by users is the Gardening Gauntlet Landscape Gloves by Legacy Gardens.

Designed for both men and women, this pair of leather gloves truly stands out from the crowd when it comes to performance. It offers almost everything you can expect from a premium pair of garden gloves and will fit the needs of most people. 

With this pair, you can expect a pain-free gardening experience and adequate protection for your hands – thanks to its premium goatskin leather construction. 

They are long-lasting and provide an easy grip on gardening tools. 

The special stitching around the thumb area and the overall design of the gloves make them very convenient. You can expect a pain-free experience even if you have arthritis hands.

Overall, this is a great product that comes highly recommended. For its price, you might not find a better alternative.

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4. NoCry Long Leather Gardening Glove

Next on our list of the best leather gardening gloves is the Long Leather Gloves from NoCry. 

One of the major things we liked about these gloves is the fact that they have various size options. So, you have a chance to find the size that will fit you well.

It will also interest you to know that the gloves are available for both men and women.

Like most premium leather gloves, these ones are made of goatskin leather, which makes them perfect for rose pruning. They are not affected by thorns, weed, or thistles. With these, you can even handle barbed wire without getting cut. 

When you purchase the gloves at first, they may feel a little stiff. But don’t worry, they usually soften up as you continue to use them.

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5. OLSON DEEPAK Leather Gardening Glove with tape Wrist Closure

The Olson Deepak work gloves are another great pair you should consider for various types of tasks. They are designed to offer great comfort and ensure you have an overall pleasant gardening experience.

You can tell these are highly dependable given the huge number of raving reviews they’ve received from users. And we have no doubt you will also enjoy using them.

The gloves are constructed from high-grade cow leather that is really thick yet soft and flexible enough to provide a comfortable experience. And you can rest assured they will last a long time.

There are three sizes for both men and women – medium, large, and extra-large.

If you’re familiar with cowhide, then you will know it’s naturally breathable. Given that these Olson gloves are 100 percent cowhide, you can expect nothing less.

The gloves do not only offer protection against cuts and punctures, but they also resist oil. 

You will also be impressed by the looks of the gloves. A reinforced palm patch guarantees a strong grip and additional protection to your skin.

Overall, these are great work gloves that work well for various tasks, including gardening.  They are comfortable and provide good manual dexterity. For the price, you might not find a better alternative.

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6. LilGardens Leather Gardening Gloves for Women and Men

If you’re looking for a strong pair of gloves you can use for everyday gardening, then look no further than these gloves from LilGardens. 

Made with top-grain cowhide, these gloves are designed to offer protection for both hand and cuff. And you can expect them to last you a very long time – thanks to the choice of cowhide.

It is important to note that these are mainly heavy-duty gloves, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use them for delicate tasks. They are soft and thus provide a comfortable experience.

The long cuff ensures that your lower arm and wrist are well protected when pruning rose or handling other sharp plants. There’s also an elastic cinch, which helps to keep debris and insects out.

As you can see, the gloves are available in both men and women sizes – mainly medium and extra-large sizes. You should be able to get a good fit. The gloves are also water-resistant, which is another good point to remember.

We must point out that this pair doesn’t come cheap, so you should be prepared to spend a little extra. Notwithstanding, they are worth every penny. The quality is simply amazing, and their refined elastic design makes them fit just perfectly.

Choose these gloves if you want a luxurious pair that is highly effective.

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7. HANDLANDY Rose Pruning Gardening Gloves for Men and Women

The HANDLANDY Rose Pruning Glove is another gauntlet cuff that is designed to offer all-round protection to your hands and, of course, the best comfort and breathability.

What we love most about this product is the overall construction, which is quite impressive. Like any other elbow-length gloves, these cover your hands up to arm level.

The gloves are made of 100 percent natural pigskin leather, which makes them strong and highly durable. They are thorn-proof and completely resistant to wear and puncture.

Another good thing about pigskin is that it’s highly breathable. And this mainly stems from the porous texture of the hides. The gloves are always cool, and even when you wet them, they remain dry and soft.

As earlier indicated, the gloves also provide protection up to the elbow region – thanks to the extended leather cuff. 

So, it’s not only your hands that are free from cuts and scratches but also your forearms.

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8. SKYDEER Womens Gardening Glove

For women who do a lot of digging, planting, and pruning, wearing the best leather gardening gloves is not an option but a must. The gloves from SKYDEER is one product that’s designed specially to meet this need.

Made with premium deerskin leather suede, these pairs are designed to provide adequate comfort and flexibility while protecting your hands from cuts, abrasion, and scratches. They feature inner layers that help to wick moisture, thus ensuring your hands don’t get sweaty inside.

Interestingly, the gloves work for all skin types. So, even if you have sensitive skin, you will still enjoy using them without worrying about being attacked by allergens or covered with dirt.

These gloves also provide protection against rashes and offer enough breathing space for your hands.

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9. Parva Garden Rose Gloves Gauntlet Gardening Gauntlet Gloves for Women and Men

Another wonderful pair that works great for rose pruning is the Parva Garden’s Elbow Length Garden Gloves.

Made from a combination of natural and synthetic leather, these gloves are your best bet when it comes to protecting your hands from painful scratches and injuries. Besides offering protection for rose pruning, they are also perfect for thistles, vines, and cactus.

In addition to ensuring your safety, the gloves are also designed to provide you with adequate dexterity, so your hands are never limited. They are quite easy to use and maintain.

As earlier indicated, these are elbow-length gloves, which means they reach up to the elbows. In other words, they protect both your hands and elbows, thereby eliminating the need to wear long-sleeve clothes whenever you go out to work under the sun.

Furthermore, they are great for sensitive skin and offer a comfortable experience.

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10. Acdyion Gardening Gloves for Women/Me

Not all gardening tasks can be successfully undertaken with mere hand gloves. Some tasks may require you to protect your hands up to arm level. A good example is when pruning prickly rose bushes. In such situations, you need a pair of gardening gloves that can protect your hands as well as your elbows. 

One of the best products you will find in this category is the gardening gloves with gauntlets from Acdyion.

The gloves are made of high-quality cowhide leather that offers great strength and durability.

They offer protection up to the elbow region and are not affected by thorns and scratches. You will also be able to grasp slippery plants and dig into the dirt without worrying about incurring any serious injury.

We find the price of the gloves a great bargain considering what they offer.

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How We Selected the Top Product?

Before we start looking at the top best leather gardening gloves in the market, we want to tell you how we arrived at the products.

Even though it’s not possible to review every leather glove out there, we were able to evaluate tons of them, especially those that showed promise. 

We decided to focus on gloves that are designed for “all-round” applications as opposed to those that are meant for just one specific task. 

Next, we looked at the price.

Even though gardening gloves are generally inexpensive, there are still a few that are a bit pricey, especially in the leather line-up. Thus, we focused on how affordable each pair is.

We also looked at the main features offered by the gloves as well as their build quality. No matter how sophisticated the design of each glove is, it would not amount to much value if it lacked good quality. 

Just to ensure we didn’t miss any mark, we decided to ask people (mostly gardeners and landscapers) who have actually used these products about what they think about them. We also evaluated the reviews online for each of the items. 

Don’t forget that we have expert gardeners on our team who know what a good pair of gloves look like. They made it easy to separate the wheat from the chaff.

In the end, we ended up with the most comprehensive review of the best leather gardening gloves in the market. We hope you enjoy the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should you wear gloves when gardening?

Some people argue that wearing gloves reduces mobility and makes you feel less of your hands. While these may be true for some gloves, the reasons are not enough to stop wearing a pair of gloves.

In fact, if you want to protect your hands while working in your yard, you have no other option but to wear a good pair of garden gloves. 

There are a lot of things you should worry about when you’re out there – thorns, dirt, sharp edges, harsh weather, mud, bacteria, chemicals, and so on.

Working with your bare hands will only result in injuries. Your best course of action is to wear your gardening gloves.

In addition to protecting your hands, wearing the best leather gardening gloves can also improve your overall experience.

2. Can leather garden gloves be washed?

Yes. Just like most glove materials, leather requires maintenance in order to last for long. 

However, the cleaning process of leather garden gloves is usually more bothersome than other glove types.

3. How do you clean leather garden gloves?


As earlier indicated, leather gloves require more cleaning than traditional gloves.

Before even cleaning them, you have to brush them thoroughly to remove the dirt in the gloves. This should always be done after you finish working with the gloves. Leaving dirt on the gloves for long can make them become stiff.

After brushing off the dirt, the next thing is to clean with soap and rinse afterward. Go ahead and dry under the sun.

Upon drying, you can further apply linseed oil to soften the gloves. The oil should get to every part of the glove, both exterior and interior. You can use a piece of clean fabric for this. In case you can’t lay your hand on linseed oil, then use Vaseline.

4. Can you put leather gloves in the dryer?

Yes, you can. You can dry naturally or use a dryer, but we recommend hanging outside. Never expose them directly to a heat source, or the gloves could melt.

5. Should leather gloves be tight?

Go for gloves that have a snug fit, not those that are tight. Wearing tight gloves can constrict or bind your fingers, especially when you work for a long period of time.

6. Where can I get these gloves?

You can purchase any one of these gloves by following the corresponding product link.

Final Words

Even though you don’t like the idea of wearing gloves when you work in your garden, you need them to protect your arms and hands.

We hope you found our review of the best leather gardening gloves, both interesting and enlightening. By now, you should have made up your mind on what the perfect match is for you.

Let us know if you have any questions or need clarifications on anything we’ve discussed so far.

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