Which Way Should Your Bed Face and Why Does It Matter?


Have you ever thought that the positioning of your bed in your room can be a matter of concern?

If not yet, you should start thinking about it, as it is related to your mental health that affects the body as well.

Now, this raises the question, which way should your bed face?

Well, before you get to know the answer, first, you need to know about the famous Chinese philosophy regarding this matter named “Feng Shui.”

Basically, Feng means wind and Shui means water, in Chinese. It is a practice to live in harmony in accordance with our surrounding environment with the principles of nature.

The important principles of feng shui are the commanding position, five elements, and the Bagua. Facing the bed in the right way comes under Feng Shui that discusses the effects of bed positioning, which I will emphasize in this article.

Applying Feng Shui Principles


For favorable positioning of your bed, feng shui uses certain principles. Using common sense, observing the condition of a particular room are the first important things to think of while you start using the principles. 

You might also consider four directions- east, west, south, and north while deciding the right position

As well as commanding position, placement according to the relationship to doors, heading against a solid wall, locating it away from toilet wall, space on both sides is some of the key factors that should be maintained well.

If it already sounds tempting to know what direction should your bed face for good feng shui, the following information will give you a clear understanding of it.

Commanding Position

The first principle of feng shui is the commanding position. Your bed should be located in a position where you can easily see the door. 

That doesn’t mean you need to be exactly in line with the door. It is advised to face the bed diagonally from your door so that you can see it clearly without being in line with it.

It might seem difficult for some people to face it this way as the condition of the room, and the door can be disproportionate. 

In that case, it can be corrected by placing a mirror. It will help you to see the reflection of the door when you are lying on the bed. 

Moreover, the distance between your bed and the door is also important in feng shui.

The more the distance is, the better it is for you. In case your door is to the left, the best position for bed would be the far right corner of the room. If it is to the right, the best location would be the far left corner of the room.

Opening of the Doors


You don’t like the situation if any of the doors of your room opens up directly to any part of your bed. 

If the door opens up facing your head directly, then over time, a headache might be a common problem for you. And if it’s opening up in line to your legs and feet, you may face foot-related problems gradually. 

To avoid such problems, you can use faceted crystal balls according to feng shui. It can be placed halfway between the bed and the door.

Headboard against a Strong Wall

You have to consider the wall against which you are facing the bed. It should be sound, strong, and secure to protect you from the back. 

Some people set their bed in the middle of the room, avoiding a solid wall backing it up; but, it’s a wrong choice. It’s better to avoid windows behind the headboard if possible.

Because if you are living on the ground floor of a building or you have eye issues, then having windows just behind bed might bother you a lot. As it is not possible for some people because of the structure of the room, so at least having a solid wall is important enough.

Avoiding Electronics and Toilet Wall


Make sure you don’t put your bed just behind the toilet. 

No one would want such anyway as common sense doesn’t go with it. Because it gives you a kind of negative vibe and sound coming from the other side at night might bother you. 

So, it’s better if you can avoid the toilet wall while facing your bed

But if somehow it’s not possible, then you better put a mirror on that wall, which might erase the vibe of the toilet being next to it. Another important thing to consider is the electronics around that place. 

You won’t have a great sleep if the electronics are humming over your head. It is dangerous as accidents can happen at any time.

Space on Both Sides of the Bed

For elderly people, it is suggested to have enough space to the left and right sides of the bed. 

It will not be a wise decision if you place the bed one-sided. 

Enough space from both sides helps the partners to move from bed to other places easily. It gives you a balance of yin and yang, masculine and feminine.  

Choosing the Right Direction


Other than these principles, feng shui also talks about the effects of placing the bed in different directions, which you should keep in mind before you finalize it. 

You might have this question in mind, what direction should your bed face to get comfortable sleep?

To answer this, feng shui comes with certain explanations

If you face the bed to the west, it might help you to have a good night’s sleep. But it can also bring low motivation and laziness. This position is not for those who just started their career.

For young starters, east positioning of the bed is a more preferable choice than other directions. According to feng shui, it will give you a kind of feeling that every day is a new day. 

It says that you will have feelings of growth and ambition if you face it towards the east.

For active life, better communication, and creativity enhancement, south-east positioning of your bed is advised according to feng shui. If you are having a restless life, facing the bed towards the south-west direction can make you calm and peaceful.   

North is more likely known as a death position regarding bed positioning. It can create sleep disorder, insomnia, lethargy, and many more. 

But for older people, this position is suggested as it has some good impacts like calming the self with tranquility. South is never suggested by feng shui as a suitable position for bed.

Why Should You Face Your Bed in a Certain Direction?


In feng shui, it uses the energy of people, space, and surrounding things to facilitate positive energy to flow. 

So, according to feng shui, you need to know the way your home decoration should be. And when you think of it, the first object that comes to your mind is the bed of your room, which is your comfort zone.

Some people might have doubts regarding the philosophy of feng shui; but, no one can deny the importance of a good night’s satisfactory sleep. But, if the positioning of the bed is wrong, it might cause sleeping problems that will affect your health as well.

So, you should know the right way to place your bed in favor of your health.  

Not only just feng shui but also Quantum Physics also talks about the relationship between matter and energy.

From a human being like you to the bed of your room, everything is up of energy, and thus, each matter is influenced by the wave energy of others around it. 

If you are going through mental and physical health issues, one of the reasons behind it might be your sleep disorder. And facing the bed wrong way causes sleep disorder in most cases. 

So, irrespective of what you prioritize, you can’t deny the effects of bed positioning in your room. That’s why it is important.

It tells you how human life can be reached to an ideal state by connecting and living life with the flow of the environment around us.

Before you decide the way you should face the bed, make sure some important factors are in check. It is better if it is newly bought, not used before by someone else. A solid headboard made of wood would be a preferable choice to protect you. 

Make sure you clear the clutter and dust balls beneath the bed as well.  


By the end of the day, you want comfort, ease, and peace when you come back home after a long tiring day. 

The perfect placement of your bed can provide you a sense of relaxation. Your relationship with your bed is not less important than any other relationship you have in life. So, bed positioning is a matter of concern.

Which way should your bed face? 

Hopefully, the whole discussion was helpful enough for you to answer this particular question.

After analyzing feng shui principles, your room structure, and common sense, you will have a better idea to choose the right way and direction to face your bed.

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